Miss Molly

 - by Brittany

Oh, man. I’m so far behind, but Molly needs some updates. She is now 7 months old. In the last week she has finally figured out how to roll stomach to back, which means she can roll all over. She is scooting herself around and rolling to get things she wants. At her last check, she was 19 lbs 13 oz. She is huge. Most of her clothes are 12 month size. She is such a happy girl. Always, smiling and watching everyone. She pays attention to anyone that is talking. She got her first tooth in December in the midst of being sick. That was fun. The next tooth came in a few weeks later in January. So now she smiles with her two bottom teeth, and will bite you with them as well.

Molly has such a good nature. She deals with her siblings and loves to play with them. She is starting to sleep longer at night. Or maybe I’m just sleeping through her crying. Either way, we’re getting there with sleeping. She is starting to eat foods. We finally figured out how to eat off a spoon. That took a while. In the beginning, she would close her mouth as soon as the spoon got close. Now, she knows there might possibly be something tasty on it. She much rather prefers to eat crackers and pretzels over the soft foods, though.

Molly is strong. She will grab hold of you while changing her, which makes that task very difficult. She loves to jump and is starting to sit by herself. She can sit for a little while before falling, which usually results from her trying to reach for something.

Still bald, but more hair is starting to cover her round little head. She works hard to manipulate her hands to hold things. Still hasn’t quite got the pincer grasp, but her hand-eye coordination is getting lots better. Everything makes it to her mouth. Doesn’t matter what it is. We love her. Her sibling may love her a little too much. Ella is always the first to let you know she is crying. I think Ella’s first question every morning is, “Where’s Molly?” Jameson has started picking her up and carrying her. I hope she can survive these two.

P.S. Molly has started giving kisses, and I love them. My cheek is covered in slobber, but they are the best!

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