I lost it

 - by Brittany

I know I am way behind on actually updating our blog, but I need to interrupt those updates for my thoughts tonight. It has been a week of changes. I know my church calling is changing, because our Young Women’s president is moving. I found out, after a few doctor appointments, I will have my gall bladder out. Molly can now roll both ways, which opens up a whole new world. The elections were held today… while the results terrify me, the most important change has nothing to do with that. My baby brother packed up his belongings and headed to Utah to enter the MTC today. And while we have known this date was coming since June (he’s had his call for what seems forever), the realization hit me tonight while I was sitting in the quiet of my home after everyone was asleep, and I lost it.

This morning, the kids and I called for a final good bye. Jameson was all excited until Weston answered the phone. Then he burst into tears, and said, “I don’t want Uncle Weston to go on a mission, ” and ran to his room. That was not a response I was expecting. I had to hang up and go find him. We then had a discussion about how Uncle Weston will be back before he turns 7.

As I sit here tonight, papers are scattered everywhere as I try to organize myself, and I can’t help but cry. This is different. I remember taking my other brother Paul to the MTC. And while it was sad to say good-bye, he was so excited. A few tears were shed, but we made it though the day.

This time, though, this is different. I was able to go to his farewell talk last weekend. (I will blog about that when I finally catch up.) But this is a time where I absolutely hate living so far away from my family. We were not able to see him off. We were not able to give him that one last hug at the airport. When I left last weekend, I knew I would still talk with him this week. But not having the chance to give that one last hug at the airport… this is hard. I know two years are going to fly by. I know we only see him a few times a year as it is now, but I am sad that my kids are going to miss Uncle Weston. I am going to miss seeing the parties he was a DJ for, and all of his girl drama.

I think what hit me so hard tonight, was seeing pictures of him at the airport, and knowing I wasn’t there. As much as I want to be there for my family, I couldn’t. I know he is doing the right thing. He will be awesome in Australia. I was able to attend the temple this morning, and couldn’t help but think of  how grateful I am for this gospel and how he gets to share that with the world. So for now, know that we love you Weston, and you are truly going to be missed.

(Pictures with the kids were taken when he came to visit us a few weeks ago.)


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