Jameson’s First Range Trip

 - by Kevin

Ok, this is Kevin posting.

One of my hobbies is reloading and shooting at the local range. I shoot a lot of different calibers from .22 all the way through .500 S&W. Jameson loves to talk about guns and is often found with me in the garage while I’m reloading ammunition of different types. Jameson knows all about different guns and we frequently talk about who can touch guns (mom and dad only) and about how they are tools that we have to be very careful with.

Today Jameson got the opportunity to go out to the range with me and shoot a gun for the first time. He was really good about listening to all the rules about guns and how to be careful with them. While he’s a long way from being able to handle guns on his own, he really had a good time shooting my Sig Sauer Mosquito .22lr pistol, and he shot a total of 80 rounds today.

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