5 years down

 - by Brittany

August 13th was our anniversary. Kevin got us tickets for Teatro ZinZanni. It’s a dinner show complete with circus acts, improv, and cabaret artist along with a five course meal. It is in a tent known as a spiegeltent which is dutch for “mirror tent.”  It’s decorated with mirrors and stained glass. The tent was incredible. I think they told us on our way in the tent was an 100 years old this year. We sat at a table with 5 other guest, all happened to be women. I was glad we were in a booth and not on the floor. I would not have wanted to be one of the guests they pick from the audience to be part of their acts. It was really fun, and the food was really good. Surprising since they are preparing about 300 meals all at the same time.

(They gave us the boa’s to wear. The idea is to dress extreme.)

In the last 5 years we have…

  • Had 4 homes
  • Lived in 2 states
  • Finished two BS degrees
  • Completed 5 certification
  • Received two lovable kids
  • Had 10 different cars… holy crap that’s a lot (didn’t realize till I stopped and counted)
  • Had 4 motorcycles
  • been able to visit family every year in 3 different states
  • faced many trials which we hope we have learned from
  • grown closer as husband and wife
  • Had many, many fun times (some documented on our blog)

A few weeks ago Kevin and I were up till like 3 am just talking in bed. It felt like we were dating again, when you stayed up till all hours not caring. It didn’t feel like it 2 hours later when I had to get up to feed a baby, and then 3 hours later when a 2 year old woke me up, but I loved it. I’m so glad we can still talk about nothing and learn about each other. Kevin told a friend of ours he was up late just talking the night before. His response was, “You guys still do that?”  Yes we do! Hopefully this next year won’t have as many trials as this year did. I would really prefer a “smooth sailing” year. I do love him, though, and I’m so glad he is so patient.

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