Pump it up

 - by Brittany

Tuesday, May 24th, Jameson had soccer, so we took everyone. We had Kayden do a trial class with Jameson, while the other 3 kicked the balls around on the field not being used. After the boys were done, we let them all play on the blow up toys. The boys loved the obstacle course and the blow up slide.

The girls loved the castle and and their own obstacle course.


 - by Brittany

It’s been 4 states and over 3,000 miles, but we’re back. As soon as we recover some sleep, the updates will start.

Quick decisions

 - by Brittany

I was looking at plane tickets, and came across some great deals. So, I booked some flights and made plans to head to Sacramento then Reno, and back. I didn’t have any trips on the calendar, but I could not pass up the flights and I needed some sunshine. So we packed up and headed to Sac first. I decided against bringing a stroller through the airport and just packed Ella. I’m not sure what is worse. The stroller, or Ella hating being strapped in. Jameson is just getting easier on flights. I was a little nervous since we are still in the potty training preliminary rounds. Not quite a pro yet. Jameson did fine on the flight, but I checked Ella’s carseat, so that was not fun. She did not hold still. The flight attendant even came and held her for me for a bit, but we made it.

My mom picked us up, and both kids fell asleep. As soon as we got home, Jameson heard Madison’s voice, and woke immediately. There was no sleeping for this kid with aunts to play with. Shelby even got a running hug. Maybe it’s cause she helps him with his sticker books.

(Photos are not good since they were taken on the ipod)

We spent a few days at Mom’s, and then headed to Reno for the weekend. After a quick trip to the DMV to get some things settled, we headed to our friend’s house. As we left the DMV, Jameson announced to everyone there, “I’m going to see my friends!”

His friends have gotten so big. Jameson was in heaven. Most of his friends here in WA are girls, so some boy time was much needed. There were no princess shoes to try on (which Jameson really loves to wear) and only trains, legos, and a really cool claw that he could pick things up with. Ella didn’t mind all the boys.

(There are no pictures of the other boys since they never sat still and played in the other room.)

Kevin’s sister graciously took us in for the weekend. Jameson and Ella loved the dogs… a little too much. I think Ella tried to eat the dog a few times. Likewise, the dog liked liking the food residue from Ella’s mouth. So gross, and she loved it. We had to keep an eye on those two.

We celebrated a birthday on Saturday, and then Jameson left with his Grammy to the farm for the night. I hear he fell asleep in the car on the way, and slept till the next morning. Once he woke up he quietly woke his Grammy, and then sat and had a morning chit-chat in bed for a good 20 minutes. Why can’t I get a wake up like that at home?

Ella and I attended church Sunday, and then headed down to the farm with Jameson and Grammy. There were brand new baby lambs that had been orphaned by their mother. So they were in a crate in the house. Jameson got to help bottle feed them, and Ella loved that they licked her fingers. They were actually trying to suck her fingers for some food, and she just sat and laughed. So, so unsanitary. Aunt Brittney was so helpful, showing the kids the baby lambs. I do believe she complained about having to get up every 2 hours to feed them the night before, and that they pooped and peed everywhere. Hmmm. Sound familiar anyone? At least she didn’t have to deal with spit up.

After dinner, Jameson and Ella got some quality time with Papa. They played and rolled around and were worn out, so by the time I headed back to our sleeping quaters, I had quiet, sleepy kids in the car.

Monday, we got up and met lots of friends at the park. It was a gorgeous day, and we soaked up all the vitamin D we could. Ella wasn’t quite sure what to do with the sunshine. After the kids were good and worn out, we got some U-Swirl to cool down. The boys loved their frozen yogurt.

After frozen yogurt we headed to Carson City. We got to see Paka and Aunt Sharon along with a bonus visit from cousin Jase. Paka (Grandpa McCulley) got out his old remote control fire truck. After rounding up batteries, which included a trip to the store, the ladder started raising to the ceiling. The lights and siren were going, and Ella was trying to get the lights. After a time, we headed over to Costco to visit Bepe (prounounced Beh-pa and also refers to Grandma McCulley) who works there one of the sweet ladies who gives taste tests. We found her stand, and were there about 5 minutes, when she got to go on break. Perfect timing. We spent the break with her, and then packed up. Jase followed me to the gas station, so he could sit with the kids in the car while I got some snacks and stuff inside. Then we headed back to Sac.

What a nightmare. I thought taking the 50 would be a better option than I-80 considering it was the last day of a holiday weekend, and I was already in Carson. Wrong. A boulder had fallen on the highway, so only one lane was open to get around it. It added an extra hour to our trip. After 4 hours, we made it back to Mom’s.

Tuesday and Wednesday we lounged around, recovering from our busy weekend. Then Thursday, we headed to lunch with Mom and Grandma Gordon. After, we took Jameson to his first movie. Well, technically his second. (Kevin and I took him to a movie not long after we moved to Washington, but after the first 5 minutes, Kevin had to take him out.) This time, we had success. My mom bought him some popcorn for his first time. I got Ella to sleep in the back of the theater, and she slept in her chair the rest of the movie. It was so much fun to watch him. He told Dad on the phone, he went to “The BIG movie.” We saw Rapunzel, which was really cute. Good job on that one Disney.

After the movie, I finished packing our bags, and Mom dropped us off at the airport. Madison’s job was to keep Jameson awake on the way to the airport so he would sleep on the plane. She failed. They don’t realize that it takes 10 seconds. He’s awake, talking, and eating, and then he’s out. We made it through the airport, and boarded. This time, I took Ella’s carseat on the plane. After 15 minutes, I strapped her in and let her cry for a few minutes before falling asleep. Jameson did well, but was awake the entire flight. I actually got to chat with the girl across from me who had a son about the same age. She even kept an eye on Ella while I took Jameson to the bathroom. I’ll have you know, I have never been in an airplane bathroom until this flight. Of all the times I have flown, I have remained in my seat. This flight, we went twice. Those are not made for a mother helping her child go potty… they’re really small.

We got off the plane, and Kevin was there to greet us. Both kids were so excited along with a tired Mom. Ella had been teething the entire trip and hardly ate or slept through the night. Both kids were ready to be home in their own beds. And that was our last minute vacation.

“Let me out!”

 - by Brittany

(January 6th)

Ella is pretty much attached to my side. She does not like to be left alone, unless she decided it. This usually means she has sneaked into Jameson’s room to play with his toys while no one is looking. Well, I was out in the backyard collecting the bikes. They had been out for a few days in the rain, and I really don’t want them getting ruined. She was inside, and was not so happy that she got left behind. She was banging on the windows trying to figure out how to get outside with me.

Call me mom of the year for this one. I keep the cereal in the cupboard above the stove. We have a glass top stove, which makes it nice by adding more counter top as long as I’m not cooking. Jameson will now get his cereal himself which is why I found him like this…

One time that is still going to be hot or something, and then we’ll be in big trouble. Also, check out that cereal. Gross! He picked it out and loves it, and it’s cheaper than Lucky Charms. He even eats more than just the marshmallows so that’s a double bonus. It still looks really gross, though.

Getting crafty

 - by Brittany

I hadn’t planned on making much for Christmas this year, but it turned out that I did. This year, a friend got this “night in” bag.

And what came in this treat bag?

Some candy bars, a cozy for your soda, and a cozy for your ice cream so your hands don’t get cold. Now, since I was shipping this, the soda and ice cream are actually just the containers. Then I included a 7-11 gift card to replace the empty can and container with a full one.

***Funny story: I talked to her after she got this, and she said at first she didn’t understand how the cozy’s kept the ice cream cold for like 5 days. Then she realized it was empty. Made me laugh.***

My sister received this 6-pocket bag with a little flower embellishment. Perfect for church or the park, I think.

My mother received this shirt. It started off rather plain, but with a little help, became more than your average t-shirt.

Along with this bracelet to add a little flare…

And, last but not least, Grammy Brazell received a few ornaments from the kids, and a little something for the wall.

Hope everyone enjoys, and if you don’t, just pretend.


Shirt and snack bag came from Make it and Love it.

6 pocket bag came from Better Homes and Garden.

We made the ornaments at Creatively Yours.

Nothing too hard. 🙂

All Aboard!

 - by Brittany

Saturday, we headed over to North Bend to catch the Santa Train. It happened to be freezing that day, literally. There was frost covering the car, lawn, and all the houses outside. We bundled up, and got in the car for our 30 minute drive to North Bend. We got there early, which was good, because parking was a mess. We ended up parking in a dentist parking lot close by (remember for next year). At 11:00 am we boarded the the train. Jameson held his ticket so tight, and made sure the conductor saw his ticket.

You see, the night before, Kevin had to work late. Jameson asked if he could stay awake until his daddy got home. Sure. Why not? So we turned on “The Polar Express” movie. He payed close attention to the train, the whistle, how to stop the train, and that you always need your ticket. He also noted that when you take the train, it goes to the North Pole to visit Santa. I only told him 2 nights in advance we would be going on the train. Since time is not a concept that he understands yet, I didn’t want him asking every day. It couldn’t have worked out better to watch the movie, and then ride the train.

So we boarded the train, and found some seats. The kids could hardly sit down, they were so excited. Jameson kept his eye out for the “Cun-duck-door” as he pronounces it. He tried so hard to be clear, but it is a very big word. He held his ticket for the full 3 miles, 20 minute ride.

Ella, fell asleep on the way to the train, but did not get a full nap in. She didn’t know quite what to think about things.

Our conductor on the way there was Mr. Bells. He had bells attached to his hat, and some to shake. He started us off with a song of the only appropriate, “Jingle Bells” and then after the song, went on to the next car. Jameson wasn’t so sure about him. He did not have the same “conductor uniform” as the guy in the movie did.

Ella did play close attention to the singing, though. I can’t wait to see what talents she has.

Once we arrived, we headed for the refreshment cars. There was a kitchen car that served hot chocolate and cookies. The made the cookies with an old stove that looked like it came with the original car it was in. The cookies were a little hard, but still delicious. I asked the kids for picture before we entered, and Jameson decided to be silly. The girls appreciated it. Me? Not so much.

It was smart to get our snacks before, so we could eat them while we waited in line. It wasn’t smart, though, because we were then the last one’s in line. I had Ella in her carrier, and she kept going after my hot chocolate, which was more like “luke warm” chocolate. She really does try to eat everything. So after going for my cup a few times with her mouth wide open and her tongue sticking out, I gave her a taste.

She can’t resist chocolate, and neither can her mom.

After waiting for a long time, the kids got to go in and meet Santa. He had his own room, and they would let one group in at a time, so you had your own personal time with Santa. He was an awesome Santa Clause. I wasn’t sure how Jameson would respond. He’s never been to “see” Santa. His first Christmas, he was only 1 month old, and I was not going to wait in a huge line for that. The next year, we never got around to it. Last year, I tried. We were at a mall that is not busy at all, and the Santa had no one around him. Jameson would go look at him, but not talk to him. We went to see him a few times, and the closest Jameson got was standing next to him. I’m glad I never pushed it, because this year Jameson went and sat on his lap by himself. Santa asked his name and how old he was. Jameson responded with correct answers. (Pretty good since he just had a birthday and that can be confusing.) Then he asked the ever important question, “What do you want for Christmas, Jameson?” A quick response came with, “Toy Story 3.” Santa looked at me, and I gave him “the nod” of ok. He said he would work on it. He then asked him if he was a good big brother, and they chatted for a minute. Ella just stared the entire time.

By Toy Story 3, Jameson means the action figures he doesn’t have. He has the movie, and got more than enough related toys for his birthday, but he still has a few to make his set complete. On our shopping adventure on Black Friday, I got a set that includes who he needs, plus some other individuals. He should be happy.

If you look at Jameson’s hands in this picture, he’s trying to tell Santa how old he is. He start out by holding up 2 fingers but then changes to 3.  I think Ella was wondering if she could pull his beard.

The kids were given a toy as they left. This year it was a train car. The last 2 years, kids received the engine, and the caboose. Those were for sale in the gift shop, but we’ll see what happens next year. We got out, and boarded our train to head back. Ella was glad she was free of being strapped to me.

And just so you know I was there, here I am giving direction to do something, while Kevin is trying to take a picture of our cute Ella.

I can’t wait to do this with the kids next year. I don’t know if I want to go when it’s dark, and everything is lit up, or in the day again, so the kids can see everything. Either way, it was way better than waiting in line at the mall and paying a ton of money for a picture with Santa.

He really does listen.

 - by Brittany

I had to go out in the garage, and Jameson saw his skateboard. I told him he can’t bring it in the house. As he continued to walk in the house with it his reply was:

“I’m sorry, Mom, but I have to bring it in the house.”

Apparently, he does hear us when we say, “I’m sorry, but you can’t do that.”

The big debate

 - by Brittany

(September 20th)

We are at another turning point in Jameson’s life. Do I give him a nap or not? If I can get him to take a nap (not an easy feat), then he doesn’t go to bed till 10 pm or 11 pm or sometimes later. He sits in his bed and plays with anything in his room. Usually, the only way to get him to take a nap is if he falls asleep in the car.

If he doesn’t take a nap during the day, then by 5 pm he looks like this…

Mr. Jameson

Then he sleeps for a little bit, and I try to wake him up which causes a cranky child till bed time. But then, he doesn’t go to sleep. So, he still needs a nap, but then bedtime is a disaster. If I can keep him awake all day, he goes right to bed. I’m really not liking this. I still need him to take a nap. I like my quiet time. So far, it’s looking like the nap needs to disappear and bed time needs to be bumped up earlier. We’ll see how that goes.